Wednesday 19 December 2012

Video: You'd be amazed what Cian Healy can do with a few Berocca tablets and a glass of water

You’ve probably seen your fair share of rugby skills videos, but Cian Healy throwing a Berocca tablet into a glass of water from a moving jeep is possibly more impressive than anything that’s gone before.
The Leinster and Ireland prop has been an ambassador for Berocca for some time now and with all due respect to the man known as Proper Church, this 45-second clip is far better than the cumulative total of all the adverts he’s done on behalf of the mineral drinks brand in the past.
We’ve no idea how many takes it took to come up with the finished product – no doubt Cian himself will claim it only took one – but unlike other rugby skills videos (that famous All Blacks skills video anyone?), there’s no hint of any technical wizardry or camera tricks at play here.
With that sort of accuracy, Healy could be called upon to do a job as a hooker in the future, but for now we'll just compliment him on a job well done.
Nice work.


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