Tuesday, 29 January 2013

6 Nations for A teams.

A Thought occurred to me while watching the Wolfhounds on Friday; Why do they only play one or two matches a year?

It seems ludicrous, for some of the younger players, it's a step up from the Pro 12 and a potentially vital stepping stone for their developments. Then an idea occurred to me;

Why not have a 6 Nations for the A teams?

This would help developing players play at a higher level, it would mean most of them keep match fit in the event of an injury which would allow for more rotation in squads.

The games could be played midweek or on the off weekends or like last Friday.

As was pointed out to me by Kate McEvoy why not try and incorporate other full teams in the competition like Russia, Georgia or Spain, as not all 6 Nations sides have an A side. Think Wolfhounds, Saxons, Scotland A and the three mentioned. Benefits both the promotion of rugby and the developing players in Scotland, Ireland and England.

IRB get on it.