Monday 18 February 2013

Fantasy Super Rugby Round 1

After an interesting weekend of Super Rugby where only 4 Australian teams played, FOX Sports in Australia have finalised their points for Round 1.

The highest points in the round was a whopping 514 points, with the average being 227 points . Ged Robinson, the Melbourne Rebels hooker,  was the highest points scorer with 62 points, largely down to a try, a large 13 tackles and 7 runs.

Kyle Goodwin (44) and Alfie Mafi (50) showed up well for the Force, showing that you don't have to be on the winning side to score a lot of fantasy points.The rest of the dream team can be found here

On to the Ball-Handling Hooker leagues, with @Cillian_Hogan  and  Poseidon's Belvedere taking charge of all three leagues. An experienced campaigner, Poseidon's Belvedere is the early favourite to take all three leagues took in an impressive 372 points, with captain Stephen Moore earning 74 points, and dream team members James O'Connor, Richard Kingi, Mike Harris and James Slipper contributing handsomely. One negative point was Scott Higginbotham's -7, which came from conceding penalties, missing tackles and being sent to the bin, not a debut to remember.

The Super Irish League had 5 of 9 beat the average score, with others more focused on being prepared for next week and having a strong team for the season.

Northern Pretenders had 4 of 7, and Twittersphere also having 4 of 7 with different teams. It's interesting to note that the top 4 in each league is the same, will it remain the same the whole way through.

An intriguing sub-plot is the battle of Garbhan and Cillian Hogan, locked in the top 4 of each. It's advantage Cillian, but can the Garbh catch his brother? Find out next week...

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