Monday 29 April 2013

Super Rugby Review Round 11

Super Rugby Reviews will be very short for the next few weeks, perhaps just some video highlights;

Hurricanes 16-18 Stormers

Stormers win by 2, thanks to a Bryan Habana charge down of a conversion, worth checking out.

Reds 12-11 Blues

Chiefs 37-29 Sharks

One of the most bizarre games I've seen.

Brumbies 41-7 Force

The Brumbies mauled the Force.

Bulls 30 -19 Waratahs

Cheetahs 26-12 Southern Kings

Cheetahs continue their impressive season

Crusaders 30-26 Rebels

The Rebels give the Crusaders a scare on Carter's return.

Super Irish

An astonishingly high scoring round, with the competition average at a huge 339. 6 of 9 teams were above that with another team on 331. There were no positional changes in the table, but the Hogan's made ground on the teams ahead of them. Things are beginning to get close again.

Twit vs Tweeter:

(3) Ball Handling Hooker 346 - 400 Les Mecs (5)
(4) GlasUlsterman NSW 346 - 378 Poseidon's Belvedere (1)
(7) Multiple Scoregasms 320 - 339 Average (8)
(6) The Weshties 339 - 376 Ireland's Answer (2)

High scoring week, a look at the total scores, shows that if this was a regular league, a lot of positional changes would happen.

Fantasy Cup

Ball Handling Hooker lost to The Meat (346-457)
Poseidon's Belvedere lost to Ozusa (378 -401)
valid_team_name lost to leeds united (331 - 377)
GlasUlstermanNSW lost to The Numpty's (346-425)
Ro_Murph lost to Rouse (206-381)
Multiple Scoregasms lost to Taylor's Terriors (320 -393)

and we are all knocked out.

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