Thursday 16 May 2013

New York City Rugby: A Novel Idea

As Ireland prepares to play the U.S. in June, there’s an interesting peek at rugby in New York City in Michael J. Malone’s new novel No Never No More. The book is centered around Declan Coulter, a first-generation Irishman raised in Alphabet City, and a flanker on the Village Vipers RFC--a ragtag club frequently on the losing end of matches with a hard band of Irish immigrants in the Bronx called the Bainbridge Barbarians.

The novel is also a peek at New York in 1999—post-grunge, pre-Sept. 11, full of dot-com buzz and increasingly anxious about a phantom menace called Y2K.

A member of the Village Lions RFC ( in New York for the past 20 years, Malone plays occasional old boys rugby now. His writing has appeared in the NY Times, Rugby Magazine (US), Rugby World (UK) and Playboy, and his favorite assignments include covering the ’99 World Cup in Dublin and a Guinness pub giveaway in Listowel.

No Never No More is available on ( and the e-book is scheduled for a May 21 release.

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