Thursday 14 August 2014

BHH #FantsBants Awards 2014

The Second Twitter Super Rugby fantasy league went to new heights this year. Bants were flowing, with outrageous statements followed by crashing burns, while the nice guys snuck their way to the top. I wanted to hand out some metaphorical awards in appreciation of some great banter, and hope for more to come in following tournaments (aka The Rugby Championship 2014, watch this space).

The top 6 finishers (combined H2H/Table) will be invited into the Rugby Championship Head to Head league, while the standard table format will be open to all HERE.

The Cillian Hogan Choking a Lead Going Into The Final Award

Charlie Morgan - leading by ten points going into the final after a wonderful comeback to finally overtake last year's choker Cillian Hogan, Charlie ultimately ends up 52 points behind after Hogan finally manned up and got over the line. It wasn't so much a choke as it was, and this pains me to say, a win for PoseidonBelvedere.

The Drunk Uncle Award

Everyone has an uncle that make outrageous proclamations about their vast skills and experience in winning, only to majorly fall short in a giant crash and burn. There was really only one contender:

Better luck next time Alex.

The Alofa Alofa award for the Best Team Name

Pure, Scrum Luck - Simon Farrell.

In a league full of not funny names, the only attempted rugby related pun has to win the award.

The Arsenal Award For Being Delighted With 4th Position

The Sneaks In To Contend While Others Are Fighting Award

Unlike other English participants in the league, one player was very quiet on twitter with negative boasting, and a desire to stay out of the limelight while he quietly went about his business. If the fantasy league stopped after the semi final, it would have been a genius ploy.

Take note, you in particular.


ConnachtMan Week 15 - 573 points

573 was by a distance the highest one week score anyone in the league managed. If the league was done in an F1 style points per week system then he might have done better, but no faulting him on this round, nice one ConnachtMan.

The BIG GAME Points Award

Arwel Jones with 525 points in the Playoffs was a massive score. So delighted Arwel was with it, as you can see:
Keep your excitement down a bit Arwel.

Although, as great as he was there, he did need to make up a few points because...

The Ready Made and Blasphemous "I Forgot To Do #FantsBants This Week" Award

How could somebody do that? Outrageous behaviour.

The Tweeter making Others Look Like a Twit Award

Credit where it's due, Cillian Hogan takes home both awards.

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